Police Searching for Robbers

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Scranton police are searching for the intruders who broke into an apartment Sunday on Madison Avenue.

No one was hurt, but the bold act has left people living nearby less secure about their safety.

It didn't take long for a small fleet of squad cars in Scranton to make it to scene of the crime, but the men who staged the bold home invasion got away.

Police said they broke in through the side door of an apartment around noon.

Investigators said the four men forced their way into the apartment. One had a hand gun, and the other had a knife.

Once inside they demanded various items from those inside.

Police said the robbers took some of those items and then ran from the scene.

“It's a little bold, middle of the day to be doing something like that. They’ll catch them, I`m sure,” said Johnston.

Most neighbors are confident police will catch the intruders, but until they do, many said they’ll take extra steps to be safer.

“I just moved here three weeks ago. It`s definitely going to make me lock my doors, definitely a little more,” said Albert Pittman of Scranton.

“A little spooky. I’m going to have to load my guns I guess,” said Johnston.

As police continue their search for the intruders, they're also asking anyone with information that might help them solve this crime to call them at 570-348-4134.