Search Continues for Scranton Arsonist

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Until an arsonist in Scranton is caught, some people who live close to where the huge fire broke out are staying alert.

At the same time, the city has been busier than usual tearing down several properties that have burned in recent weeks.

Crews from the City of Scranton spent the day scooping up debris on Langstaff Place. The rubble remains after a devastating fire that destroyed three properties Tuesday night.

This is the third serious fire in Scranton in less than two weeks. Two of them leveled the homes involved.

"To do four of them in a two week period just because of fire, that's something new to us," said Mark Seitzinger, Scranton's Director of Lisencing and Permits.

Seitzinger says his crews have had to tear down three homes because of fire since last Monday.  Another burnt home on Langstaff Place will be demolished soon.

"We haven't really had any that have been so structurally bad we had to tear them down right away, Swetland Street we had to, and here on Langstaff Place we had to too. So, it's tough on our guys but we're out here doing the work," he added.

Police say an arsonist started the fire that torched three homes in all. And that arsonist is still on the loose. Police say they're following some leads, but do not have a suspect.

Neighbors near Langstaff Place say they fear the arsonist will set fire again.

Outcue: ". It's not another fire "

"The guy's playing around and every time I hear an ambulance or a fire truck I think, 'I hope it's not another fire,'" said Felicia Green.

Police have linked two fires to the arsonist.

They believe before the homes on Langstaff Place burned, the arsonist lit up a recycling bin at a nearby home.

So, until the person responsible is caught, some people are keeping a closer eye on the neighborhood.

"I don't really see much of what's going on on the street, I'm usually in the back working, but I'll definitely keep an eye out when I'm leaving at the end of the day, keep an eye out what's going on for sure," said Jarrett Kaminski.

None of the 19 fire victims or any firefighters were hurt Tuesday night. And while police are still looking for the arsonist, any one with information is asked to call Scranton police.