People React to Charges Against Former State Senator

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One day after former State Senator Bob Mellow of Lackawanna County was charged with corruption, the community is reacting, and that includes fellow politicians. We asked some of Mellow's former colleagues what they thought of the federal charges against the long-time senator.

At a youth government forum at Keystone College in Laplume, local politicians gave students some insight into elected office. They also reflected on the corruption charges against one of their colleagues, former state senator Robert Mellow.

Mellow is charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and filing a false income tax return.
The democrat served 40 years before announcing his retirement in 2010.

Months later, federal investigators raided his office in Peckville, removing boxes of files.
As mellow retired, he endorsed John Blake as his replacement. Blake went on to win Mellow's seat.

State representative Sid Kavulich and Lackawanna County Commissioner Jim Wansacz both said the news was a hard hit for the area that Mellow did so much for, but they said it's time to move forward.

Mellow has not yet been formally arraigned on the charges, but federal prosecutors said he has agreed to plead guilty.

Mellow faces up to five years in prison and up to $4250,000 in fines.