Crimes in the Country

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There was a rash of break-ins at businesses overnight in Susquehanna County. Three places were hit, all in rural areas.

The door at BB's Country Corral Cafe in Lawton was damaged overnight. He said burglars broke down the door, then the thieves went to work inside the cafe.

"The biggest thing was they stole our safe. How they did that, I don't know because it's very large and heavy and they managed to get it and they're gone," said Steve Anderson of BB's Country Corral Cafe.

The restaurant is in a rural part of Susquehanna County and one of three businesses hit within a couple hours overnight.

"The way the economy is and other factors like drugs you don't know what people are going to do. I just hate to see it resort to something like this," Anderson added.

The Elk Lake Store is eight miles away. A shattered window is now covered, but it was the access point for burglars there.

"When I came up on the porch I found part of the window frame and broken glass and I immediately called the boss and said we've had a break-in," said Terri Ward, worker at the Elk Lake Store. She said the burglars stole a box of change from a drawer. She added she was nervous about coming inside when she saw the break-in. "It's a little country area. You don't expect this to happen but it does."

At Checkered Express in Springville the owner said the burglar went in and out of a window. When they let, he said, they actually left a trail of change through the parking lot.

"Yeah, it's happen anywhere, like," owner Peter Patel said. He had cell

phone photos of the broken window and mess left after burglars swiped the register. He said surveillance cameras caught them in the act. He added police will have that video soon. "We don't have any problem in last six years I've been here. No, never had a problem."

Surveillance video at the store in Springville shows two men. The owner said it looks like they are in their 20s.

At each of the three stores, the burglars took between $100 and $200.