Man Accused in Home Invasion

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Victims of a break-in and attack early Sunday in Hazleton said they felt terrorized.

Montrell Taylor of McAdoo is locked up on charges of terrorist threats, prowling at night and harassment after an incident at West Third Street in Hazleton.

"He kept saying, 'I am going to kill yas. I'm going to kill yas.' It was scary, very scary," said victim Debra Whah. "I was scared for my life and especially my children because they're small. They are only six and four."

She said she doesn't know Taylor or why her showed up at her house and forced his way in. She does know the incident has left her shaken.

"I am just a little scared to come out of my house, out the door during the nighttime because I am scared someone is going to try and get us," Whah added.

Police said once Taylor was inside he attacked Whah's friend, Derrick Wolfe.

"I tried to close the door and he stuck his hand in there and ripped it open and I guess he saw Deb's friend there and he saw red and charged," Wolfe recounted. "He hit me in the head a couple of times but I'm okay. He kept reaching in his pocket and I told him, 'Don't reach, don't reach,' because I didn't know if he had a gun or not."

He has a message for the man who police said attacked him.

"It's a good thing it wasn't at my house because I would have killed you because I have that right to protect my family," Wolfe added.