Old Fashioned Bike Shop Opens

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It's something you don't see often these days, bicycle repair shops.

There is one holding a grand opening Saturday in Pottsville. It's owned by a man with ties to Hollywood.

John Brock has been busy putting the finishing touches on his brand new business. The Pottsville Bike and Board Shop in the heart of the city. Brock said he sells and services skateboards and bikes.

"I have been in bicycles since I was four years old. In high school being shorter than the average person I couldn't do the sports and all of that so I got on bicycles, from there never stopped," Brock said.

He sells alll kinds of bikes, one priced at $2,000 and bargain bikes for around $100.

Brock has roots in Hollywood and believes his career of being a set designer helped him take a vacant store and turning it into a business.  He said his Hollywood job had him rubbing elbows with big time stars.

"Jim Carey, I worked on "Tool Time," "Junk Yard Wars" the television show, "Jurassic Park 3" the movie. I worked on a lot of things Nicholas Cage after a while they are just people," Brock added.

Next door to the bike shop is a facility that helps people with mental and social issues. Ed Perhonich runs the place.  "Actually my daughter bought the first bike there. Jayden is eight years old," Perhonich.

He believes the new bike and board shop is important to downtown Pottsville. "Communities recover more than people and then people follow so I think more people that come in downtown and build it up to what it used to be it's all for the best." Perhonich.

The Bike and Board shop's grand opening is this weekend.