Scranton School Board Tables Uniform Issue

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There will not be a new uniform policy for high school students in Scranton.

The Scranton School Board decided Monday night to table a vote on the issue which means there will not be any changes to the current district policy at this time.

The board brought its meeting to West Scranton High School to take up the issue of expanding the district's uniform policy to high school students.

West Scranton's junior class president let the board know what students thought of the plan.

"Please do not punish the students that actually follow the rules," said Kelsey Maconaghey, a high school junior. "Obviously the vast majority of students are against this policy."

While elementary and middle school students in Scranton are already required to wear official uniforms, high school students are not.

Rosemary Boland is the president of the Scranton Federation of Teachers and said she supports the idea.

"Some of the students are pushing the envelope in what they're wearing to school, quite frankly, and the teachers have to send them out of class," Boland said. "It's a distraction."

Besides the uniform debate, the board also announced it is accepting applications for the seat left vacant by the resignation of school director Brian Jeffers who is leaving to take a job with Lackawanna County.

The board also voted to accept the district's new teacher contract.