Family Farm Welcomes Lambs, Lots of Them

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A farm in Northumberland County this weekend, this month for that matter, is becoming a whole lot more crowded with lambs.

Yes, the cute animals are being born by the dozen adding to the flock by the day.

The family farm near Sunbury raises sheep, pigs and more and planned to have more than a hundred new lambs this season.

The Owens family, however, did not expect so many of them to be born in just the past couple of days.

The month of March, as the saying goes, goes out like a lamb. But on the Owens Farm north of Sunbury March has started out by bringing in at least 50 little lambs.

Caroline Owens and her daughter Melissa knew their 70 ewes would be giving birth soon, but so many at one time? Not quite.

"We knew we were expecting over 100 lambs, we just didn't know they would be in these waves this year," said Caroline Owens.

Waves like the one this weekend where 18 lambs came into the world during what the farm calls a Lambing-time Slumber Party. That is when people pay to be a part of the magical time when the lambs are born and this weekend, they were in for a treat.

"It's really exciting. Usually if it wasn't for the lambs there wouldn't be much going on, it's a jump start into the season of farming, lamb after lamb," said Melissa Owens.

The Owens Farm planned its breeding process, so all these lambs born at once was no coincidence. About 5 months ago, the Owens' ewes were impregnated and around March they are right on schedule.

"It starts out like the Ritz Hotel, then it turns into Motel 6 in and out, get them out, need the space," said Caroline Owens.

There are 40 ewe still pregnant and almost ready to give birth, according to the Owens meaning the farm will be a busy place in the coming weeks.

"We never get sick of this," said Caroline Owens. "There's just nothing like it."

The Owens farm near Sunbury has been growing its flock so it is the biggest number of lambs born yet there.

Half of the lambs will be sold in the coming months and many will be kept to keep the cycle going in the future.

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