Woman, 92, Celebrates 23rd Birthday

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Leap Day only comes around every four years, which makes it a special birthday for a woman in Susquehanna County.

Blanche Bush of Springville was born on a unique day, Leap Day, February 29, 1920, which means she is celebrating her 23rd birthday.

"This is the 23rd time I've had a birthday, but I'm not 23 by any means. I`m feeling more toward my 92," said Blanche Bush.

Blanche said the best thing about being born on a Leap Day is all the extra attention.

She received a book of letters from her granddaughter's elementary class and even a citation from a state representative.

Friends sent a birthday treat and flowers too, but more than 50 people gathered Saturday for a party to celebrate Blanche`s big day, complete with two cakes.

"They didn't put candles on the cake, thankfully," she said. "One said happy 92nd birthday and the other said happy 23rd."

"The 21st birthday was a big thing. We made a big thing of her 18th birthday too. Especially when it's leap year, we try to make a big thing of it," said Blanche's son, Eugene Bush of Springville Township.

He is the middle of Blanche`s seven children, who range from 73 to 53 years old. He gets a kick out of having such a young mother.

"My friends and grandchildren say, 'Okay, so you're older than your mother,' which all of us are older than Mother in actual birthdays," Bush said. "This date only comes every four years, so you tell them, 'Hey, Mom’s 23 because she’s only had 23 birthdays, but she’s actually 92 because she’s been around for 92 years. "

Blanche Bush is the former tax collector for the community near Montrose.

In two more leap years, she will reach a couple milestones, turning 100 and in leap years, 25, which means, she will finally be old enough to rent a car.