Mild Weather Bugging Homeowners

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The mild winter is now bugging some homeowners in parts of our area, including the Poconos.

Due to the above normal temperatures, some pests are starting to invade homes. Those pests are termites and carpenter ants.

The owners of a home near Cresco are dealing with an issue that is more common in the spring, when temperatures are getting warmer.

"We have termites, which is kind of strange for February, but the blast of spring we've had, now the termites are swarming," said Jim Hearity of Seitz Brothers Pest Control.

"Nothing surprises me here because it's so nice," said Dominic Lando of Tobyhanna.

"I believe that [with] the unusually warm weather starting early, I guess they would be," said David Wells of Gilbert.

The Regional Manager of Seitz Brothers in Tannersville said he has been going on calls for termite infestations since January. He said termites normally come out in April.

"Right now they think it's spring so they're sending their reproductives up and sending them loose to mate and start new colonies," said Hearity.

Another pest worker at Seitz are finding inside homes in the Poconos are carpenter ants. Workers said if you see ants or termites, you should contact pest control immediately.

"What we did right now, since we are still at Winter, you really can't treat the exterior of homes. So we put a band aid on it, treated it in the localized area until we can get back here in the spring and treat the exterior," said Hearity.

He added this spring will likely be a busy one for pest control, and an annoying on for homeowners dealing with pests.