Woman Attacked in Home Invasion

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Police in Carbondale are calling a home invasion in the city an isolated incident.

Belmont Street in Carbondale is now calm and quiet, but neighbors said just a day earlier there was commotion. Police swarmed the place after a report of a home invasion.

"I was here last night sleeping on the couch and I heard screaming," said neighbor Joan Mahoney.

Other neighbors told police that two masked men broke into an apartment after 11p.m. Sunday. A young woman and her eight-month-old baby were sleeping inside. Police said the men attacked the woman and threatened her with a knife.

Police haven't named any suspects, but they do say the woman may have known her attackers.

"I saw a couple people hanging out there this weekend, but that's all I know. I never met the girl, I just moved here," added another neighbor Melissa Ferguson.

Police said the men got away with $300 and the woman's purse that was carrying her ID and all of her credit cards.

The woman was cut, her baby was not hurt in the invasion. Neighbors said it could have been worse and the attack has many of them on edge, especially since this incident follows two stabbings in this area over the last few months.

"I mean, I'm just waiting for one day when I walk in to my house and I've got to deal with it, and my first instinct obviously is to protect my family," said Brad Folkner of Carbondale.

Police said the victim is safe and staying with family. There have been no arrests.