Poconos Road Falling Down the Mountain

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Neighbors worry that a scenic road in Monroe County that connects Stroudsburg to the Delaware Water Gap is slowly sliding down a mountain.

PennDOT officials said they are working right now to come up with a solution.  They would like to start working on the badly deteriorating road near Stroudsburg by the spring, but they have no exact date yet because it's not certain just how bad the road is.

Cherry Valley Road near Stroudsburg looks more like the aftermath of an earthquake, at least this is how one neighbor sees the crack in the road.

"I lived in San Francisco. They had various earthquakes while I was there and it looks a lot like that," said Tom Barwick of Stroudsburg.

Nearly one mile of Cherry Valley Road is cut off to traffic because one 80 yard section is falling apart. Neighbors worry it's slowly slipping down the hill.

A PennDOT spokesperson said when the road first started to crack after all the rains last year, crews came in to stabilize the road. To do that, they removed some trees then added a fresh layer of blacktop.

The road has been closed since the fall and neighbors said it has gradually been getting worse.

Meanwhile, PennDOT is working to redesign the road to prevent the destruction from happening again.

However, it's not clear exactly when work will begin.  The hope is in the spring.  In the meantime, neighbors keep watching.

"It was like a little crack in the road and we've been tracking it over the last couple of months and it's like 'Oh my god'," said Louise Bowman of Stroudsburg.

Other neighbors are annoyed at the detour.

"I don't like it because we get all the traffic down here and they go 90 miles an hour and it's only 25 miles through here," said Ronald Dippre of Stroudsburg.

"I'm trying to find out what the hell happened in all honestly," said Thom Zarnoch of East Stroudsburg.

Joggers, like Zarnoch, say the road's become an obstacle course.

"It was not like this the last time I ran here, which was probably late fall, probably November actually," said Zarnoch.

PennDOT is working on a plan to fix the road right now and hope to start constructing that road in the Spring at the earliest.