Toomey Tackles Gov’t Regulations

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A business in Luzerne County said it needs some help with the staggering number of regulations from Washington.

That business in Hazleton welcomed a visitor Thursday who might be able to help.

Regulations are everywhere, especially in industry. Some say too many regulations can bog down the process of making money and hiring workers. Officials at the Hazleton Casting Company agree with that.

"The amount of hours we spend in regulatory compliance is unbelievable and we employe several consultants we keep them busy," explained Mike Leib of Hazleton Casting Company.

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey toured Hazleton Casting. He got a first-hand look at what the company does.

"They are worried about the costs. They don't know how much it's going to cost if they don't know what these regulations are going to consist of and the sheer weight of these regulations is like throwing a cold wet blanket on the economy," said Senator Toomey.

"It can take up to 10 years in the United States from the time where someone wants to develop a mine to the time it's in operation and it's less than half that in other parts of the world," said John Moscon of Weir Minerals.

At the Hazleton Casting Company they make machine parts.

Senator Toomey said he is introduced a bill in Congress which would make the Environmental Protection Agency justify to lawmakers and the public  why more regulations are needed.

"I am inviting people to tell us about regulations that they don't think are sensible. If you think the cost of compliance is more than the value of the regulation and we want to try and help," Toomey added.

The senator has set up a website called Had Enough? Its purpose to bring what some consider unnecessary regulations to his attention.