PPL Rewards Williamsport Hospital for Energy Savings

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Williamsport Regional Medical Center has been awarded a half million dollar prize for its energy-saving efforts.

The power plant at Williamsport Regional Medical Center is only about two years old, but already it's paying off.

Last year the plant saved the hospital 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity, leading to a $500,000 reward from PPL.

"We were really thrilled. It's paid for itself. The building has reduced our carbon footprint by 50 percent so we're proud about that too," said Rita Spangler of Susquehanna Health.

Hospital officials said the current plant replaced an electric and heating plant that dated back to 1947.

Medical center electrician Jack Corson explained how the new system burns oil and natural gas, providing independent power to the hospital facilities without interruption.

"We handle our own power, then PPL if there's a problem with that. We have generators. It's really a more of a comfort the way it's set up," Corson said.

The power plant powers the entire facility 24-7. Not only is it powering the old part of the hospital, but the new part of the hospital, the patient tower just built that is energy efficient.

Even though hospital officials said the new Susquehanna Tower is ready for patients. They believe it couldn't have happened without the energy saving-power plant next door.

"I think it's going to be a real asset to hospital and community itself," Corson added.