AAA: Gasoline Prices May Spike

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Drivers across the country are fuming as gas prices continue to rise.

The American Automobile Association, or AAA, predicts the price of a gallon of gasoline will go up to $4.25 before spring.

The owner of the Hazleton Casting Company, Mike Leib, said he is worried. "That’s a disaster. Any time our costs of energy goes up the cost of our product coming in goes up, the price of product going out is going to go up. We don't have the opportunity to raise our prices to our customers when these operating costs go up like that," said Leib.

Some of the people who work at Hazleton Casting are concerned too.

"I live only a few blocks from work and I know of people that travel quite a ways. I don't know how they could lose that kind of money," said Len Mumie.

Co-worker Don Stefenick agrees. "I was watching World News the other day and within 10 minutes the price of gas went up 10 cents a gallon, but they do that. Someone is making money," Stefenick said.

Talk of higher gas prices is taking up a lot of time at a gas station in McAdoo. Mike Skrebtach said he spends too much on gassing up. "All the oil company executives are billionaires now. How much more do they need?" Skrebtach said.

According to a national association which represents dealers, the average gas station will make between 10 and 15 cents per gallon.

Chris Habina said times have changed.  "I still remember gas at 25 cents a gallon. That was a long time ago. Big difference from 25 cents isn't it?" said Habina.