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Preparing for the Lenten Season

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A big part of Fat Tuesday, and the upcoming Lenten season, is the food.

They were making fauschnauts Tuesday at the New York Bakery in Frackville. Nearly 1,400 fauschnauts and donuts were cooked, ready for sale. It takes dedication and hard work.

Those who run the bakery know that Fat Tuesday sales makes the registers ring.

"Right after Christmas you have a lull. You look forward to Fat Tuesday, donut day. It like gives you another holiday and we've been busy like a holiday," said Robin Tybursky of New York Bakery.

Some customers take this day and what's coming up seriously.

"The journey to Lent and fasting for the next 40 days," said Stacy Folk of Delano. "The next 40 days should be spent honoring why we are here and what's leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday."

Easter is on the minds of the volunteers Fat Tuesday at the United Methodist Church in Shenandoah.

They were making 40,000 Easter eggs all with a chocolate base. It's the church's biggest fund raiser of the year.

"I think our church would close if we didn't have it because our congregation has dwindled over the years and we have to pay for the fuel anything that happens in the church," said volunteer Carol Byrne.

The Easter eggs aren't only sold in the Shenandoah area. The folks at the church said they are shipped as far away as Japan and even China.