Stowaway Puppy Has New Home

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A stray puppy that went on a wild ride underneath a pick-up truck has not only survived, now he has a home.

A man drove ten miles Tuesday, hitting speeds of 55 miles per hour when he was on his way to a car dealership near Bloomsburg not knowing a stray puppy was stuck underneath his pick-up truck.

Mechanics said he got stuck near the front axle of the truck but held on as the vehicle's owner drove to the dealership.

"He is really lucky. I don't think he suffered any injuries from being in the truck," said Katelyn Matthews.

Her husband is one of the mechanics who rescued the seven-month-old pit bull. The two took him to a veterinarian near Danville to be checked out. They said they fell in love with the puppy, now named Valentine, and adopted him.

"He hasn't fought with any of our dogs. They take turns eating. It's not been any problem at all," Matthews said of her new puppy.

Police said Valentine may have been part of a pack of dogs that was dropped off near Bloomsburg Monday night. The state's dog warden said he picked up at least three pit bull mixes between Monday and Tuesday.

"He does have cuts on his face from wherever he was at. They said they were probably penned up together and fighting for food," Matthews added.

She said the only fighting Valentine is doing now is being done playfully with the family's two other dogs at their home in Danville.

"We're glad to have him. We had no intentions of getting another dog, but here he is," said Matthews.

The Matthews family said they thought about naming the dog Lucky but decided on Valentine to remember his wild ride on Valentine's Day.

Anyone with information on the stray pit bulls that the state dog warden said were dropped off in the Bloomsburg area is asked to contact South Centre Township Police at 570-784-8552.

Another dog from central Pennsylvania that has been in the news lately is improving.

Harper is the pit bull puppy that was allegedly thrown over a hill at the Springfield Cemetery in Coal Township near Shamokin.

The dog suffered head injuries.

Newswatch 16 spoke to the owner of Mostly Mutts, a no-kill shelter based out of Sunbury that has been caring for Harper.

She said Harper is mostly blind and partially deaf but is showing signs of improvement and is growing.

She said Harper is interacting with other dogs and is living in a home environment but is still a long way from being adopted.