Woman Accused of Giving Unauthorized Day Care Discounts

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A former day care worker is accused of giving her family discounts she was entitled to give. Now her former employer claims they suffered substantial losses from her actions.

Jennifer Enterline, owner of Little Busy Beavers Day Care near Danville, said Karen Kruleski worked for her for almost 20 years, and was like family. Kruleski is charged with giving her grandchildren more than $16,000 in unauthorized discounts.

Kruleski was the operations assistant, in charge of billing clients. Now she is charged with theft, accused of giving her grandchildren unauthorized discounts.

According to court papers, seven of Kruleski's grandchildren were enrolled at the day care. Kruleski was allowed to give them her employee discount, which was 50 percent. Instead of half off, she allegedly gave them more than 75 percent off since August, 2009.

Enterline said Kruleski told her it was all her family could afford, and that she didn't think Enterline would mind. The owner said her business relies on payments like that, and the day care has suffered financially ever since.

Kruleski had no comment about the alleged theft. She is scheduled to appear in court later this week.