Emergency Alerts to Safeguard Lives

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Officials in part of Schuylkill County have unveiled a new high-tech tool they said could save lives.

In 2006 a third of Port Carbon was ravaged by flooding. Even now, flood victims remember.

Jake Honse was evacuated from his home.

"We got out here and the water was up to my dad's truck. It was already going into the truck, so we got out and got our dogs and got out as soon was we could," Honse recalled.

Erik Correll said he watched how fast the flood waters rose.

"It came up to the porches here and their driveway was basically a big pool and their house was on an island there," Correll said.

Now people in Port Carbon can sign up for a free, online service that will alert them to potentially life saving information.

When government officials need to put out a warning, they can send out a text or email to residents' phone or computer.

Scott Krater is Port Carbon's emergency management director. He said he likes the new system. "You get a lot of rumors. Hey is this happening, is that happening? This will give them information, I am not going to say instantly, but within five or 10 minutes of we getting the information and relaying that to the residents," Krater said.

Even through Candra Morris wasn't directly affected by the flood of 2006 , she said she will sign up anyway, "I like it. As for me I have my cell phone with me at all times. I have a son and I want to make sure if it's safe for me to drive in the car," Morris said.

For more information on the free online alert system click HERE.