Dozens of Families Soon Without a Home

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Dozens of families in one mobile home community in Lackawanna County are looking for a new place to call home after being handed eviction notices asking them to be out by the end of April.

Close to 60 families in the “Kearney Mobile Park” in Madison Township, have a little more than two months to move out, and for some of those families, that means finding a way to take their mobile homes with them.

Retha Thompson showed Newswatch 16 the eviction notice she was handed just days ago.

The notice said she, and about sixty other families, must leave their homes inside Kearney Mobile Park. She’s lived there for nearly two and half decades. She must be out by the end of April.

Thompson claims the Enviornmental Protection Agency told the owner of Kearney Mobile Park he needs to make repairs to the well system and water pipe lines. But the costs are so high she said the owner has no other choice but to shut-down the community.

The potential move is not only emotionally draining, but financially draining as well. J.R. Freiermuth works for Indian Orchard Homes, and he has been hard at work on estimates for the cost of moving the trailers.

Newswatch 16 did try to reach out to the owner of the mobile home park, George Kearnery, but he did not want to talk with us. Our phone calls to the EPA have also not yet been returned.