Kodak Pulling Out of the Camera Business

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It is an end of an era, especially for anyone who likes to take pictures with a camera.

Word that the long-time camera manufacturer Kodak will no longer make cameras and will turn its focus on printing paper has upset a lot of people.

Jay Yozviak of Swoyersville knows a thing or two about taking pictures. He's been a professional photographer for nearly two decades and like many others, he no longer uses film.

Word that Kodak, a company that got into the camera business over a century ago, will no longer make cameras comes as no surprise.

"They`ve been declining their products for years. You can`t develop the black and whites anymore. It`s not a shock," said Yozviak.

Others said they're sad to see their favorite brand of cameras pull out of the business.

"I think it`s a shame. It`s a hear tbreaker. I am still into my film instead of the digital. I like my film. I like my pictures right in front of me.  It`s really a sad ending," said Mary Ackerman of Wyoming.

"I`m sad to hear that but I haven`t used one in years.  I use my cell phone," said Theresa Wenrich of Wyoming.

The name Kodak won`t be going away. The company will now just be focusing on paper printing products not only for the professionals but also for the consumers.

"I think there`s so much competition with the cameras, I think that`s what they need to do.  I think they`ve got it nailed as far as the marketing and quality of the paper so I think that`s their niche right now is the paper product," added Yozniak.