Elderly Couple Rescued from Burning Home

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An elderly couple was rescued from a burning home Wednesday morning in Williamsport thanks to the quick actions of neighbors and family.

Family members said the fire victims, a husband and wife, are blind and were inside their home on Second Street when it filled with smoke.

Within minutes neighbors, along with the couple's son, did what it took to get the two to safety.

Heavy smoke billowed from the home and former business along Second Street as firefighters worked to bring the flames under control.

For more than 50 years it was Jim and Florence Pardee's home.  According to investigators, a rubber glove caught fire on the stove causing the destructive fire.

At the time the Pardees were trapped inside the home.

A group of parents and children were standing at nearby intersection waiting for the school bus when they heard the cries for help from the Pardee's home and sprang into action.

"She said her house was on fire and her husband was stuck in the kitchen," said neighbor Cathy Gair. She and a couple other neighbors helped Mrs. Pardee to safety but wanted to make sure her husband was okay. "Me and other neighbor lady went into kitchen as far as we could. It was engulfed in smoke. We couldn't get to him so we came out."

"I saw the mothers running by, yelling smoke, get some water. I came running out, saw it was my parents' house and ran up on the porch," said James Pardee. He was next door and knew he had to get to his father before the smoke did. "We crawled in and got to see where my dad was, grabbed him, got him out."

James Pardee said it was heartwarming to see neighbors come to his parents' rescue even though the home is destroyed.

"I'm just thankful everybody got out and my parents were safe," Pardee said.

He added his parents have a place to stay tonight.

Investigators said the fire was an accident and no one was seriously hurt.