Animal Abuse Investigated in Monroe County

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The humane officer of Monroe County began with an investigation of at least one case of animal abuse in a community near East Stroudsburg.

That has led the officer to five other cases, all within the same neighborhood.

The owners of a cat found with both its legs broken last week said they can`t believe someone would be so cruel to hurt their pet.

The owners said other cats in their neighborhood are also turning up hurt. or even killed.

Now, a humane officer is involved in hopes of finding whoever is responsible.

Billie Jo and Peter Lojewski have been making daily trips to see their cat at Creature Comforts Veterinary Service near Saylorsburg.

The six-month-old cat is receiving treatment for some serious injuries, including two broken legs.

"For the amount of trauma that would have required, it was a good amount of power, energy," said veterinarian Dr. Karin Breitlauch.

"I just couldn't believe someone could do this to our cat," said Peter Lojewski.

He and his wife said the tragic story began last week in their neighborhood of Lake Vahala, near East Stroudsburg.

About one week ago, the cat was laying at the bottom of the steps. At first the family didn't think there was anything wrong. They thought the cat was just laying in the sun, but it wasn't until the children started playing with the cat that they noticed something wasn't right.

They took the cat to the vet and found out some disturbing news from the doctor.

"He said he was 95 percent sure this cat was kicked like a football and that's the words he used," Billi Jo Lojewski said.

"It does not seem to be the result of a motor vehicle accident. It seems to be blunt force trauma potentially caused by another human being," said humane officer Elizabeth Anderson.

After talking with their neighbors, the Lojewskis found their incident is not the only one in the neighborhood.

"I went to the one across the street. They had a cat one day, fine, the next day he was dead in the yard. I went to another neighbor. They had two cats, they were fine one day. Then the next day, dead in the yard," added Billi Joe Lojewski.

The humane officer said she will be investigating those cases as well.

"The interesting part to this case is there's been at least five other cats in the past few months that have either disappeared, died or have become injured," Anderson added.

The owners are offering a $200 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Anyone with information about the animal abuse is asked to call the Monroe County humane officer at 1-800-601-SPCA.