Super Bowl Sunday Preparations

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Super Bowl Sunday is just a day away, and with that comes the last-minute party preparations which are now in full swing, that means good business for some area restaurants and retailers.

Everything from chips and pretzels to big screen TVs, all of the key ingredients to a successful Super Bowl party are flying off of the shelves. That had area grocery stores and home electronics retailers in a very good mood.

Of course, some people don't like to stay home for the Super Bowl, they prefer to go out to watch the game! In Schuylkill County there are a handful of Super Bowl hot spots. One of the big ones is Maroon’s Sports Bar in downtown Pottsville where they are expecting a big turnout for one of the biggest games of the year.

Just about everybody seems to agree on one thing, Super Bowl Sunday means getting to spend some extra weekend time with friends and family, even if their rooting for different sides.