Super Bowl Means Wild Weekend of Wings

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It is a wild weekend of wings at many bars and restaurants in northeastern and central Pennsylvania, all for Super Bowl Sunday.

Chicken wings have become a Super Bowl party staple. Estimates show Americans will eat 1.2 billion wings on Sunday alone, enough to circle the globe more than twice.

That means big business for places that specialize in wings.

The owners of the Windsor Inn in Jermyn said this is by far their busiest weekend of the year.

They start getting ready for the rush on wings weeks in advance.

Now the weekend of wings has begun for them. They are already serving up orders for Sunday.

Thousands and thousands of them will go through the friers.

They get tossed up in all the sauce.

They'll get served up for Super Bowl parties all over the area.

"Friday, Saturday and Sunday are our three busiest days of the year with Sunday being absolutely by far the biggest day of the year," said owner Andy Whitiak.

It such a busy weekend the preparations have been underway for two weeks. It takes a lot of supplies.

They ordered two and half tons of wings. They cut up crate after crate of celery. They made hundreds of containers of sauce.

The coach of the Super Bowl Windsor wing mania is Bob Hunt. We found him dishing up the blue cheese.

"It's a game plan, just like a playbook we got our books we just go through it every year," said Hunt.

The place has been running the same playbook for 34 years.

"It would be total chaos if we didn't start two weeks in advance," added Hunt.

"Very hectic, very, very hectic, very, very busy, but we have it down pretty well that people don't get as nervous as you'd think they would," said Whitiak.

Wings have to be ready for some to pick up Friday, even more Saturday, then a huge rush on Sunday.

All hands will be on deck the day of the game. So Super Bowl partiers can get their hands on the Windsor wings.

"It's a long day, it's very long, but it's worth it to me, I wouldn't have it anyother way, it's what I like to do," said Hunt.

"It's a crazy weekend but it's an exciting weekend because it's unlike anyother weekend of the year," added Whitiak.

Hunt said his 15 hour day Sunday will end just in time for the game. He said there will be Windsor wings at his party, but after working on them for weeks, he won't be eating any of them.

Everyone else will be.