Father Who Rescued Twins from Fire Speaks

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A father who rescued his 14-month-old twin boys from their burning home Thursday night in Luzerne County said he is thankful no one was hurt.

The Yanik family of Shavertown lost almost everything they own, and now neighbors are helping them.

Fire victim Jessica Yanik got a hug from a neighbor after that neighbor dropped off a supply of clothes for the twin boys.

Most of the Yanik family's belongings, including baby clothes, burned in Thursday night's fire.

The blaze broke out around 7:30 p.m. on Summit Street in Shavertown.  Neighbors recalled seeing a man rushing out of the burning home carrying two toddlers.

That man was Frank Yanik. Friday he and wife, Jessica, walked back into their home, looking for anything salvageable.

"Obviously the boys are safe. Jess wasn`t home. It was all material possessions that can be replaced," said Yanik.

He added he was home sitting in the living room watching TV with his two 14-month-old boys when he heard the doorbell ring over and over. He went to answer it, there was no one there. He went around to the back door, opened it up, saw smoke, and grabbed the boys and got out of the house.

"I opened the door and get hit in the face with a pillar of smoke. I ran in the house, grabbed the boys and we were outside," added Yanik.

Mary Wargo,the neighbor who brought the Yaniks a bag full of clothes for the little ones, said helping the family seemed like the right thing to do.

"We all try to pull together and help out. Really it`s very important. She`s got two little ones.  What are they going to do? Nothing?" said Wargo.

Investigators said the fire interfering with the electrical system likely set off the doorbell.  They continue to search for the cause of the fire, but it is not suspicious.

Yanik said he and his family will stay with relatives until they can return to the neighborhood he has called home for the last two years.