Jury Gets Murder Case

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The trial of a man charged with killing a woman is now in the hands of a jury in Carbon County.

Ernest Freeby has been in jail for several years awaiting his trial in Carbon County. There has been three weeks of testimony.

Freeby, of Lansford, was charged with first and third degree murder for the death of his wife, Edwina Onyango. More than a dozen state troopers investigated the case starting in 2007 when she was reported missing by her family.

"Here is a case where a person is missing and not knowing where that person is. It's tough. It's tough on the family," said Onyango's cousin Nelson Koldulah.

Police said during the investigation they found remnants of a large amounts of blood in the basement of Freeby's home. DNA tests showed the blood belonged to Onyango. Without her body, prosecutors have built their case on changing statements by Freeby and other circumstantial evidence.

"She was killed. She was killed for apparently stupid reasons that is only known by the victim. I think something happened because it's been a long time, Koldulah added. "Most likely it is (Feeby) because of the evidence proven by the district attorney's office is outstanding."

Prosecutors said Freeby killed his wife because he wanted to marry his girlfriend.

Defense lawyers said the prosecution's case makes no sense.