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Air Delivery Too Close to Home

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A woman in Susquehanna County got quite a surprise Sunday when a helicopter hovering over her house dropped a bag of equipment right on her back patio.

Kathy Kaminsky said she had no idea what was happening. Now she knows it was connected to the natural gas industry.

Monday the FAA came to investigate.

Kaminsky found a bag full of electronic equipment Sunday afternoon on the patio near New Milford only after hearing the roar of a helicopter right above her house.

"It was louder and louder and then the walls started to wiggle. I thought it was a tornado," Kaminsky said of the sound of the helicopter.

She said she and her granddaughter had been out here loading wood into the house. They had just gone in the house when they heard the helicopter. Then they came out and found the bag of equipment.

"We came out here and Karen Ann said, 'Oh, Gram. It's a bag. It almost hit the house!'" Kaminsky recounted.

She later learned it was a helicopter with a long line carrying similar bags, dropping them in numerous locations, a common scene in Susquehanna County in recent years.

She said the bag came from Cougar Land Services. It is full of equipment for seismic testing related to the natural gas industry.

Kaminsky said Cougar told her they meant to drop the bag near a pink stake in her yard. It landed much closer to the house, so she called the FAA.

"That's not right, that's not safe. It's not nice," Kaminsky added.

"I'm sure she's very concerned with the distance it was dropped from the house," said Bob Ference of the FAA. He took a look at the bag and is looking into how it ended up there. "We're not familiar with that particular droppings up in this area so we'll have to investigate. After we investigate we'll be better apt to comment on the situation."

Newswatch 16 called Cougar Land Services for a response but have not heard back as to why the bag was dropped so close to Kathy Kaminsky's house and why equipment like that is delivered by helicopter.