Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charge in Dog’s Death

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A woman from Montour County admits she shot and killed a family pet and Wednesday a charge of animal cruelty was filed by police.

The suspect believes the shooting was justified.

State police said one-and-a-half-year-old dog, Georgia, was shot in the head three times and was killed near Washingtonville.

Georgia was the pet of the White family.

“I am a very sensitive person. I believe in life, all life,” said owner James White.

“I almost started crying when I was on the phone and got a call from my brother that she was shot. I was almost speechless,” said Jonathan White.

Police said Georgia was tied to a tree by a neighbor and then shot. It happened in Suzanne Thomas’ yard.

Tank, one of Georgia’s pups, was with her mother at the time of the shooting but was not hurt.

Thomas raises pet rabbits. She said Georgia wandered on to her property. Thomas said she found the dogs on the inside of a fenced in area near the rabbit cages.

Suzanne Thomas said when she came out and found her pet rabbit dead all she could think about was shooting the dog. She is convinced the dog killed her pet rabbit.

She told police and Newswatch 16 she shot the animal.

“We have cats, we have other dogs, there is tons of rabbits, there is pheasants, groundhogs. She never once chased one, let alone killed one,” said owner Astin White.

Georgia way buried in the family’s back yard. Now the family only has memories of the dog.

“Sitting in my Lazy Boy chair, laying on my lap, stretched out at night, up in our bedroom. She would sleep in our dirty clothes hamper,” added James White.