Retailer Pays Up after Action 16 Investigation

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A recent Action 16 Investigation focused on an appliance store in Pittston and a woman who said she paid for a new refrigerator, but never received the fridge or got her money back.

Linda Hennigan of Pittston is a widow with a son in college. She went to court because she paid more than $1,000 for a new refrigerator in August and got nothing to show for it.

Now, she said, she finally has justice.

Henningan`s old refrigerator stopped running in August, which is when she paid Pittston Appliance for a new one. The store took her money, then ordered a refrigerator from an online catalog.

Five months later Hennigan never got that refrigerator and never got her money back.

Two weeks ago, Newswatch 16 went to Pittston Appliance owner Shawn Pugliese for answers.

"I know I owe her the money, and she`s going to get it," Pugliese said with the camera rolling on January 10. When asked when Linda would get the money he answered, "When,? I`d say within the next two weeks."

Did he keep that promise?

He did

Wednesday morning he paid Linda Hennigan $1,020 in cold cash.

"I`m very happy that Shawn came up with what he did," said Hennigan. "And I think this is fair., and he owed it to me."

Here is how it unfolded.

Hennigan won a judgment in court in November.

After the Newswatch 16 story aired two weeks ago, a magistrate in Pittston ordered the store to auction off nine appliances including a refrigerator and a flat screen TV in order to raise the money owed Linda Hennigan.

At the very last minute, a constable called off the execution sale and all the items that were supposed to go on the block will stay at the store.

Pugliese came up with Hennigan's money on his own.

"He kept his word paying me from the last time you were in here," said Hennigan. "And I`m very appreciative to Dave Bohman, and to Channel 16."

Pittston appliance still owes Linda Hennigan about $300 for court and processing fees.

She said she will donate that money to charity.