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First Measurable Snowfall This Winter

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Many people spent much of the Saturday digging out, many for the first time this season.

Some places in Schuylkill County saw up to half-a-foot of snow.

People within the Pottsville area said while we`ve been lucky so far, this winter not having to deal with the snow, they knew eventually they`d have to break out the shovels.

At Coal Creek Commerce Shopping Plaza in Saint Clair, snow plows and snow shovels were being put to good use.

Patrick Mauls said the snow fell fast, he`s been working since the early morning.

“We got called in about two o`clock and there was already about an inch on the ground. It`s been snowing since probably midnight. It`s definitely not easy work,” said Mauls.

When all the snow is cleared, Mauls said he`s still not finished.

“I`m almost done I hope. We got to come back tonight and salt,” said Mauls.

Over in Pottsville the dig out continued.

Albert Dusel said he doesn`t mind having to shovel.

“Take about an hour and a half, two hours, maybe, shovel both cars out, clean up, not real bad, this is nothing as far as I`m concerned,” said Dusel of Pottsville.

If you have to do it it`s nice if you have some heavy duty equipment.

But of course even the high powered machinery needs a break and a refill.

Over on the roads there was no rest for the snow plow patrols.

Drivers said many of the streets clear by mid-day, but still some needed work.

“Most are pretty good, like I said, until you get to the Center Street of Ashland. That`s why you get a four wheel drive, or like my husband`s got a front wheel drive,” said Jennifer Minnhan-Smith of Ashland.

Some even said they liked seeing the white stuff.

Others just said we were likely to have such a mild winter with this big snow fall coming so late in the season.

Now it would be nice if this was the only one we had to deal with.

“Hopefully this is the worst of it. That would be excellent but I`m sure February, March we`ll get some more,” said Dusel.