Warmer Weather Melts Ice Rink Plans

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The mild winter weather has melted plans for some people in central Pennsylvania.

The warmer temperatures have caused problems for outdoor ice skating rinks in Lewisburg and Bloomsburg.

The water is frozen at the outdoor ice skating rink in Bloomsburg.  The rink is the newest attraction at the Bloomsburg YMCA, but it's gotten off to a late start.

"We had this together in the beginning of January.  We filled it with 20,000 gallons of water.  We had three inches of ice, all set to open, and we have that warming trend," said Roger Brown, CEO of the Bloomsburg YMCA.

The rink is scheduled to open Saturday if mother nature decides to cooperate.  The ice skating rink was supposed to open last weekend.

"Who would think that you'd have 50 degree weather in northeastern Pennsylvania in the middle of January?  All the ice melted," said Brown.

"It's weather permitting.  It is a natural ice rink so if the weather is not cooperating we will make an announcement on our website or people can call in to verify if the rink is open," said Stephanie Yoder of the Bloomsburg YMCA.

In Lewisburg it's a similar situation.  The rink was supposed to open on December 30 but the ice just isn't ready yet.

Melted and cracked ice is the norm this year at the Lewisburg ice skating rink, according to rink manager Jessie Runkle.  She said last year at this time the rink had already been open for a few weeks and had brought in $4,000.  That's not the case this year.

"We have a long list of high school students chomping at the bit to start work and we don't even have concessions bought.  Our ice is cracking so it's not like we're going to be opening today, tomorrow or anytime soon," said Jessie Runkle, Manager of the Lewisburg Ice Skating Rink.

Folks in charge of the rinks in Lewisburg and Bloomsburg said when they do open, ice skating it will be on a day to day schedule, weather permitting.