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Man Gets Jail Time for Stabbing Dog

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The owner of a dog that was stabbed last summer said the animal's survival after the attack in Susquehanna County was nothing short of a miracle.

The person who committed the crime was sentenced Thursday to jail time for animal cruelty.

Once he got used to the TV cameras, Jamison, the three-year-old Labrador, was very friendly at his owner`s home outside Montrose.

Jamison's family said it has been a long road for the pup. Jamison suffered more than a dozen stab wounds back in August.

The man responsible for that crime, Daniel Nash of Montrose, could spend nine months in jail for the attack, a much lighter sentence than the maximum of five years the dog's owners wanted.

Nash's lawyer told the court Nash suffers from bi-polar disorder and and was not taking medication on the day of the attack.

Prosecutors asked for the maximum sentence. They called Nash a "ticking time bomb", and "evil." They also told the court that they received more than 70 emails from strangers calling for a stiff sentence.

"As long as he gets what`s coming to him. Whatever, they said he`s got a new psychiatrist and he`s on new medication. I would rather see him locked up personally. It could have gone better as far as the sentence goes," said the dog's owner Josh Rosenkrans.

Nash was ordered to pay restitution to Jamison's family and to make a donation to True Friends Animal Welfare Center in Montrose.

People there were happy to hear about the donation, but not the circumstances surrounding it.  Manager Linda Staudenmayer also feels Daniel Nash deserved a tougher sentence.

"We do think here at the shelter that the laws in Pennsylvania need to be strengthened and we do need stricter laws and more enforceable laws as far as animal cruelty goes," Staudenmayer said.

Jamison has physically recovered from the attack, but his owner says the dog's personality has changed He's no longer the outgoing dog that he used to be.