Braving the Morning Cold

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While temperatures are on the way up, we just came through the coldest morning in quite a while.

The cold didn't keep some people and their friends from a walk in the park.

People in Scranton woke up to temperatures in the single digits. There was a lot of sunshine, but it didn't do much to drag temperatures from their frosty depths.

For some it was business as usual, in spite of the cold.

We met Mary Beth Mikolayczak, Anna and Sugar walking through Nay Aug Park.

"These guys need to be walked. I don't mind it, as long you bundle up in layers, it's okay," Mikolayczak said.

Anna is a beagle mix. Sugar is a golden retriever. Mikolayczak said they really don't seem to mind the cold, and they're out every morning, cold, warm, rainy or icy.

The same goes for Theresa Demopulos and Peanut. Peanut isn't wearing a doggie sweater. Demopulos said Peanut doesn't like them, so they do make one concession when the bitter cold arrives.

"If it's too cold, I don't go too far because then she comes home and her legs and feet are bothering her," Demopulos explained.

The usual route for Demopulos and Peanut is about a mile long. Today, not so much.

Nay Aug Park is more than a place for recreation. It's also a place where some Community Medical Center employees park their cars, and on a day like today, the walk from the lot to the hospital can be a long one.

"It's not too bad. I'm used to it. I do it every day. I walk too and from," said Jeanine Radoceski as she walked to the hospital.

She added she can park closer, on the street, or in the CMC garage, but like others in the park this morning, they're not bothered by the cold.