State Hikes Some Wine and Liquor Prices

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In a month or two, when you visit a state liquor store, you can expect some higher prices for a bottle.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board voted to raise prices for about 300 different products that are sold at state liquor stores. Something that hasn't been done in about two years because of the bad economy.

The price hikes vary, from as little as 50 cents for some brands to as high as 5 dollars for others.

Prices will go up for only a fraction of the 30,000 products the Liquor Control Board sells. But customers said, it doesn't matter how many products are affected, if it's their favorite they're not happy.

"I love my wine, I buy that, every couple of days I'm in here for a bottle of wine. And the prices are outrageous for the wine too, so, I mean, hopefully that won't go up anymore than what it is," said Monique Rose of Scranton.

The Liquor Control Board cited rising shipping costs for the price hike. But some customers at the state store on Meadow Avenue in Scranton don't buy it. They said it's the state controlled system that's keeping the prices high.

"I'm originally from New Jersey, the prices were better there, the variety and selection were better. Even better in New Hampshire when we go to see our son in Vermont. So, I just don't think that they should raise the prices," said Larry Scott of Tobyhanna.

"I think the state should just get out of the liquor business, I think it's free enterprise in this country. And, I think competition would be a good thing. And maybe then, prices wouldn't go up," added Mary Lou Sealey of Scranton.

Liquor Control Board officials weren't able to tell us exactly which brands will go up in price. However, they did say the hikes go into effect in a few months.