Police Pursue Pilfered Pooch

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The owner of a pet shop in Monroe County wants one of his dogs back after it was stolen Sunday night.

The owners of the Yuppy Puppy pet shop in Bartonsville have surveillance video of the man, they and police believe, stole a female long-haired Chihuahua Sunday night.

Patrick Phillips, owner of the shop along Route 611, said the dog was taken just before closing. Phillips is worried about the health of the little Chihuahua.

“Our main concern is being such a small puppy, they're very susceptible to sugar shock or hypoglycemia, so if they don't have their vitamins and correct food, they can go into distress and get very sick."

The people at the pet shop say they will not press charges if the dog is returned.

“If they don't return the puppy, obviously, we're going to press charges, but again, if they do bring the puppy back within a day or two, and we get him back, we won't press the charges,” Phillips added.

Phillips intends to add more security to guard against a future puppy theft.

If you know about the theft of the puppy, you are asked to contact either police in Monroe County or the Yuppy Puppy pet shop in Bartonsville.