Long-time Shamokin Deli Closes

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By Nikkie Krize

5:36 p.m. EST, January 9, 2012

What was once a busy deli in Shamokin is now a vacant building, damaged by the flood.

Shaw's Meat Market and Deli has closed after more than 30 years in business.

At one time, Shaw's Meat Market and Deli brought in more than one million dollars a year, but the bad economy and thousands of dollars in flood damage forced the owner to shut down his family business.

"When you needed milk or something you didn't have to go far away. You just go and grab milk, bread, what ever you need," said Tammy Brocius of Shamokin.

She and other Shamokin residents were disappointed to see the deli close at the end of December. They said it's been a staple in the city of Shamokin for 31 years.

Owner Leon Shaw said the September flood severely damaged the store. There was six feet of water in the basement and $50,000 in damage. That, combined with the bad economy, forced him to shut down, something customers aren't happy about.

"I'd stop there in the mornings and get my iced tea for the garage here. The guys who work here would go there every day. Every Wednesday and Friday I'd go there for my long john," said Bob Gilley of Shamokin.

Shamokin residents tell Newswatch 16 the thing they will miss the most about Shaw's Deli is its location. The place is situated almost right in the middle of the city.

"I'm gonna really miss it. It was easy to just go out my door, go down and get a soda and come back home," said Betty Seibert.

"They were very clean. They were there to help you if you needed something," Brocius added.

There are other delis and butcher shops nearby that Shamokin residents can go to. The owner of Shaw's Meat Market and Deli said he hopes to sell the building.