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Alleged Animal Abuse in Northumberland County

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By Nikki Krize

5:45 p.m. EST, January 9, 2012

Police in Northumberland County are looking into a case of alleged animal abuse.

A puppy is recovering after a veterinarian said it may have been thrown off a hill near Shamokin. The dog is in critical condition with severe injuries to its head.

Cheryl Hill is the owner of Mostly Mutts, a no-kill shelter in Northumberland County. She said on Saturday a woman found the dog at Springfield Cemetery near Shamokin and called her right away.

"As soon as they met me I said I have to take her to the Sunbury Animal Hospital and see if they'd see her right away," said Cheryl Hill, owner of Mostly Mutts.

She said the veterinarian believes the dog's head injuries may have been caused by someone throwing her from a 50-foot-high hill.

"She wasn't sure if that caused it or the fact that it had bounced down the hill, but her brain is swollen and her legs were stiff as could be," said Hill.

The dog has been at the Sunbury Animal Hospital since Saturday, and Hill said she is not in good shape, but is showing some signs of improvement.

"She's a little more flexible in the legs which means the swelling has gone down a little bit, but she can't pick herself up or anything," said Hill.

She added there was no identification on the dog. All she knows is that it's a 12-week-old female pit bull.

"I'm hoping someone's man or woman enough to stand up and say 'yeah, I couldn't take care of the dog. I thought it was dead,' whatever story they have that's legit," said Hill.

If you have any information about the injured pit-bull you are asked to call Coal Township Police at 570-644-0333.