Tunkhannock Landmark May Move

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A landmark in Tunkhannock could soon be torn down and replaced by a pharmacy.

The September flood may have been the final straw for Gay's True Value Hardware in Tunkhannock.

The place flooded numerous times in the past, but the September floods were the worst, and maybe the last, for the landmark store.

A posting in front of the store Thursday showed CVS wants zoning approval to buy the historic building, tear it down and put in a drive-thru pharmacy.

"It's a good store, I hate to see it go, but I guess if that's what they gotta do, that's what they gotta do," said John Ropraz of Tunkhannock.

One of the store's owners, Dave Gay, did not want to talk about the possible move during the legal process, but said the last flood took its toll on his store. It has reopened, but with less inventory.

Gay said CVS proposed the move before and the owners were not interested, until now.

"You've had a lot of tough times with floods here and they're getting older so I suppose it's the right choice for them," said Mark Eidson of Tunkhannock.

Gay's True Value is often the first place to flood when waters rise in Tunkhannock. CVS's plan is to raise the lot above the flood level. Dave Gay said he plans to move his store someplace high and dry.

Customers sad to hear Gay's might close at this spot are hoping it does reopen elsewhere.

"I would love to see them somewhere else. It's a service thing, you know. You can come here to bring your equipment, there aren't too many places you can do that any more," said customer Murray Fisk of Tunkhannock.

A meeting will be held January 25 for Tunkhannock Borough to consider changing the zoning here.

If that is approved, the piece of Tunkhannock history will likely go.