New Brewery Opens in Carbondale

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There's a new business brewing in one part of Lackawanna County.

What started as an idea between four friends in Carbondale has become the city's first brewery since the prohibition era.

From the outside, it doesn't look like your typical brewery, but inside the small business incubator in Carbondale, tucked away in a small corner office, you will find four long-time friends and what's now become Three Guys and a Beer'd Brewery.

"In a comparison to any other brewery we're microscopic, so we get by with the little bit of room we have, and we utilize every square inch of it," said brewers David Oakley.

It is currently the only registered brewery in Lackawanna County and the first in Carbondale since prohibition.

Four years ago, the brewery was just an idea between the four friends and now, they are producing two kinds of beer that they have started selling to bars in the up valley and Scranton.

"Wow, it give you tingles, it's like, wow, I made that beer. I made that tape handle. I made that beer. All these people are drinking my beer. it really is a great feeling," said Johnny Waering.

Brewing the beer takes about a month from start to finish, and once it's kegged, the old grains go to local farms around Carbondale. For now, the guys only have one barrel brewing at a time. It's work they do on top of their full-time jobs.

"Really, our ultimate goal is to not have to work for anybody anymore. We'll work for ourselves, be our own boss, and employ people in the area. Kind of try to boost the economy," Waering said.

The guys would like to move out of this operation, and bring big-time brewing back to Carbondale.