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Lewisburg’s Staples to Close

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It's been a staple in Union County for more than a decade, but the Staples store near Lewisburg will close for good on January 29.

Employees aren't saying much, but Newswatch 16 has learned the store's lease is almost up.

Staples near Lewisburg has customers going in and out of its doors all day, but it won' be like that for long. On January 29, the store in Union County will sell its last office supply.

"When I heard that this morning, I was stunned, thinking of my own self. Where to go, down on the strip, you have to go down to Selinsgrove," said Linda Snook of Mifflinburg.

"I was kinda bummed out because right now we'd have to go all the way to Mifflinburg, and eight miles away to Shamokin Dam and it's a little bit more of an inconvenience," said Rubens Ruba of Lewisburg.

A representative from the Central Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce said the store is having issues with its lease. The store manager said the lease is almost up.

Employees at the Lewisburg Staples tell Newswatch 16 it's an older model store that has been around for quite a few years. There are not as many cash registers inside and in order to keep up with other Staples stores it would need to undergo a major remodel.

"Shopping for office supplies and also electronic copy services and mailing services. It's going to be a real loss for the community," said David Lightman of Winfield.

Customers tell Newswatch 16 they hope another store will fill the spot soon.

"Lewisburg's been pretty stable economically and we have some good supervisors who run the area. I'm confident something better will come in," Rubens said.

Representatives from Staples' corporate office would not say exactly why the store is closing, but they did confirm that it will shut down on January 29. The Lewisburg manager said several of the store's 12 employees will transfer to another Staples.