Baby Jesus Statue Defaced

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A figurine of a baby Jesus was found hanging by a noose and painted with offensive graffiti at a church in Northampton County.

The statue was covered with devil's horns, 666 and more.

Now police are trying to find out who would do such a thing.

The baby Jesus came from a nativity scene set up in front of a church in Northampton County.

The pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Bangor said he can't understand why someone would deface the Christ child that was part of a nativity scene outside his church.

Neighbors and parishioners are deeply upset and saddened after their Christ child was discovered Tuesday, defaced with red permanent markings, all of which were satanic references.

"I just think it's horrible somebody would do something like that," said Susan Marty of Bangor.

"It's just terrible, it's disastrous. I think someone is sick who does this," said parishioner Kay Moosch.

"It's a shock and it's really just disappointing that someone would do something like this," said Pastor Franklin Stinner.

He said on Tuesday morning a neighbor first discovered the Christ child but in a very disturbing manner.

For the past few weeks the nativity scene was set up next to the church. Tuesday the Christ child was found hanging from a nearby tree.

"They cut it down and placed it back in the nativity scene," said Pastor Stinner.

Hours later a parishioner came to the church to take down the nativity scene and found the Christ child covered in satanic markings, with horns on the head, the sign of the devil going down the back and other messages and symbols all over the body.

Now the church is caring for the Christ child statue the best they can, by wrapping it and keeping it safe.

The pastor has a message for the person or people responsible.

"I would just like to see them be honest and say they did it. I'm not looking for retribution, I'm just looking for someone to take responsibility for it," Pastor Stinner added.

He said some people have offered to restore the Christ child statue or replace it.

The borough of Bangor is offering a $500 reward to whoever could help police make an arrest and conviction.

Church members hope someone steps forward.