Slopes Cranking Out the Snow

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The bitter cold temperatures outside and whipping winds created a perfect storm for ski areas in the Poconos.

It’s the first time this season that resorts will be making snow non-stop for days in a row.

The snow guns are working overtime at Jack Frost Ski Area near Lake Harmony making snow, creating a winter wonderland and building excitement for guests who live for these conditions.

“It’s the best, pure bliss,” said T. J. Kelly of New Jersey.

It’s the first time this ski season the ski area won’t be turning off the guns.

Instead, the snow making machines will be making snow for days as long as the cold temperatures stick around.

“Right now we’re making as much snow as we can to take advantage of the cold temperatures to freshen up what we already have and to get some slopes we don’t have open, open,” said Heather Schiffbauer, the Director of Sales for Jack Frost Big Boulder.

Jack Frost is more than 50 percent open with more than half their trails open to anxious skiers and snowboarders. These guests are excited the cold temperatures have arrived and more man made snow is falling on the slope.

“It’s wonderful!” said Letty Thall of Philadelphia.

“This is the time of season I look forward to all year long,” said Marianne Patrylo of Jim Thorpe.

Around noon Tuesday it was about 20 degrees on the slopes. Jack Frost Big Boulder officials said the temperature is expected to drop at night, which means no break for the snow guns.

“They did start running last night and they continue to go through the night. It’s supposed to be really cold tonight so they’ll keep them going as long as they can,” said Schiffbauer.

Jack Frost Ski Area isn’t the only slope making snow. All other resorts in our area are taking advantage of these cold temperatures.

In Monroe County, other slopes making snow include Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, Camelback Mountain Resort and Alpine Mountain Ski and Snow Tubing Center.