Slashing Victim Wants Arrests, Bar Closed

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A woman from Luzerne County is recovering after police said she was slashed in the face at a bar in Nanticoke.

It happened early New Year's morning. Now the victim is speaking out about the crime and what she wants done.

So far no arrests have been made, but Nanticoke police spent all day interviewing witnesses who might help them make arrests in this case. The 30-year-old victim wants to see her attacker caught and the bar closed.

Jenn Mieczkowski's face was hidden by bandages as she arrived at the Nanticoke police station to tell officers what happened to her during the early morning hours of New Year's Day.

Mieczkowski saod she walked into the Prospect Street Cafe in Nanticoke to buy a 12-pack of beer.

A fight broke out inside the bar. Mieczkowski said she knew someone involved in the fight and tried to break it up. That's when someone slashed her face, and someone else attacked a friend who came to her rescue.

"I want it closed down. There were 50 people when my face got slashed. Fifty people and one person, the person that went in with me, was the only person was the only person who stood up and tried to help me and he was beaten with a pool stick and broke his jaw," Mieczkowski said.

"It breaks my heart. My heart hurts for her and for my niece and we were raised by a single mother and at the end of the day, all we have is each other. And that's why I'm fighting so hard for something to be done," said Mieczkowski's sister, Ashlee.

Police said they have responded to at least a dozen calls at the Prospect Street Cafe over the past few years.

Ashlee Mieczkowski has created a Facebook page calling for people to support closing the bar.

"I made a Facebook group page. This way I know that we can't change what happened to her even though I wish we could. I could at least save one other person from not happening to them then I feel like my job is complete," Ashlee Mieczkowski added.

Jenn Mieczkowski said doctors told her she is lucky to be alive. A major artery in her neck was missed by only a half inch. Doctors also told her she will need three surgeries to repair her face after the slashing.

Police said they have narrowed the list of suspects to two women, but no arrests have been made.