New Robotic Surgery Program at Pocono Health System

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There's a new robotic surgery program at Pocono Health System in East Stroudsburg, and hospital officials call it the "next evolution" in robotic surgery. It's called Da Vinci SI.

Dr. Loki Sylizard is the first surgeon in the world, according to hospital officials, to have completed a year-long fellowship in minimally invasive and advanced robotic thoracic surgery.

"The increased precision and accuracy, and the smaller incision, means patients have less blood loss, the chest tube comes out quicker, and they go home quicker," said Dr. Skylizard.

Dr. Skylizard invited us to take a look at Da Vinci, so new to the hospital in Monroe County that it has yet to be used, other than in training.

The four-armed system works like this: operating room staff put a number of different surgical tools onto the arms, which are then operated by a surgeon a few feet away using foot pedals and finger controls. Dr. Skylizard says Da Vinci is much more advanced than its robotic system counterparts.

"They don't have the same level of control or the same level of magnification. This is a 3D screen here, not 2D."

He calls the machine an alternative for patients who may require a number of different surgeries.