Pan Seared Barramundi Fillet

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Yield: 1 Serving


1 Each Barramundi Fillet

1-2 Ounces Fresh Basil, Chiffonade

3 Each U-12 Shrimp, Peeled & Deveined

3 Each Silver Dollar Mushrooms, Roasted & Quartered

6 Each Grape Tomatoes, Cut in Half

2 Each Artichoke Hearts, Quartered

1 Ounce Scallions, Chopped

1 Ounce Chablis

2 Ounces Honey Sherry Vinaigrette

4 Ounces Potatoes, Diced & Blanched

1 Ounce Shallots, Sliced

2 Ounces Chicken Stock

As Needed Salt & Black Pepper

As Needed Clarified Butter

Method of Preparation

Roasted Mushroom, Artichoke & Tomato Salsa

1) Combine roasted mushrooms, artichokes & tomatoes in mixing bowl.

2) Add scallions, salt, black pepper, basil & honey sherry vinaigrette

3) Reserve for service.

Potato Hash

1) Sauté potatoes in clarified butter 1-2 minutes.

2) Add shallots & sauté briefly.

3) Season with salt, black pepper & basil

4) Deglaze with chicken stock & allow to reduce until almost no stock remains.

WNEP 16 Home & Backyard

Pan Seared Barramundi Fillet,

Roasted Mushroom, Artichoke & Tomato Salsa

Yield: 1 Serving

Barramundi Fillet

1) Season barramundi filler with salt, pepper & basil.

2) Sear fillet in clarified butter 1-2 minutes on each side, remove & finish cooking

in 400 F oven for 3-4 minutes.

3) Prepare for service.


1) Sauté shrimp in clarified butter for 2-3 minutes, season with salt,

black pepper & basil.

2) Deglaze with Chablis & reserve for service.

Plating the Dish

1) Spoon potato hash in the center of heated dinner plate.

2) Lay barramundi fillet over potato hash.

3) Arrange shrimp on fillet & spoon salsa over fillet.

4) Drizzle with vinaigrette & enjoy.

Recipe Prepared and Presented By

John J. Hudak Jr., CEC, AAC, ACE

Executive Chef, Vanderlyn’s Restaurant

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