Selenski to Represent Himself in Murder Trial

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A judge in Luzerne County has ruled that accused double murderer Hugo Selenski will be allowed to represent himself at his upcoming murder trial.

The trial date is set for September 19 in Wilkes-Barre.

Hugo Selenski is one of our area’s most notorious criminals .

He was cleared of two murders in Luzerne County back in 2008, but in just a few weeks, he will face another double murder trial.

Selenski willl stand trial for the 2002 murders of Tammy Fassett and Michael Kerkowski. Their bodies were found buried in Selenski’s yard in 2003.

Attorney and civil rights expert Barry Dyller said the judge made the correct decision allowing Selenski to represent himself.

“However just because he has the right to represent himself does not mean it’s a wise choice, so the judge made the right decision. Selenski making the right decision is another story,” said Dyller.

Dyller said he can’t remember anyone getting an acquittal in a death penalty case who represented themselves, or if anyone in Pennsylvania facing the death penalty has ever chosen this.

Death penalty litigation is so complex that most even sophisticated lawyers are simply not capable of. Even the PA Supreme Court requires special education, special certification by lawyers. Very few lawyers are capable of it.