Campaign for Custody

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Prosecutors in Luzerne County accuse a husband and wife of sexually abusing a boy in their home.

The boy was removed from the home in Plymouth last year, and Newswatch 16 has learned soon after the wife launched a campaign to get the child back in her home.

Carol Hann of Plymouth apparently plastered the alleged victim's picture online to try to get him back and her Facebook activity appears to show her working with a group where one member posted a video advocating the execution of government workers who protect children.

Arrest papers claim the 13-year-old boy stayed in filthy conditions in Hann's home, never enrolling in school, not knowing basic skills like brushing his teeth and subject to a sexual relationship with Carol Hann.

After social workers moved him to another home last year, Hann's Facebook page started showing pictures of the child with messages like "Stolen by CPS" and "Have you seen him?"

By CPS Hann apparently meant child protective services, known in our area as Children and Youth Services.

Several pictures of the child are posted on her Facebook account.

"What you showed me is the worst of the social media," said former Luzerne County prosecutor Bob Gillespie after seeing the pictures and videos posted on Hann's account. Gillespie said if Hann sent pictures of an alleged sex crime victim, shame on her. "It says the woman is concerned about herself and only herself. If she was truly concerned about this child, his picture wouldn't have been out there."

On Hann's Facebook page pictures of the boy appear to be used to seek help and sympathy.

One page advocates, "Children (should be) taught to never talk to or trust police officers."

Hann's page also calls Luzerne County's Children and Youth Services system "cash for kids," though her case has no connection to the judges in a public corruption case.

"The easiest way now to avoid your own responsibility is to say, 'Luzerne County is corrupt,' and that's what she's doing," Gillepsie added.

Hann's page refers to the agency as "CPS" on Facebook while posting several links to an out-of-state advocacy group CPS Parents Unite. That group in turn posts videos from her site, and appears to support her.

"I've got a feeling, CPS is watching me," Hann sings on one video, according to her Facebook page.

Another video that appears to have Hann singing labels Luzerne County's Children and Youth workers, "child abductors," and it lists the name of every CYS worker in the county.

"I really want to put a CPS worker on that gurney," said one CPS Parents Unite member in a video.

There's also video of a group member advocating executing child protection workers in some circumstances.

"You're talking about executing those people. Yes I am. Yes I am. I hate them so bad," said another CPS Parents Unite member.

"It's an open invitation to other people to come in and do some harm to those people," Gillespie said. "If my daughter or son was a member of CYS, I'd be very concerned."

Still unclear is how much contact Carol Hann had with CPS Parents Unite in the months before her arrest.

Newswatch 16 contacted Facebook to warn Hann's account has images of an alleged victim of sex abuse. Facebook deactivated her page.

Newswatch 16 was unable to find any contact information for CPS Parents Unite.