Debit Cards Deactivated

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Old Forge Bank debit card users are able to access their accounts again.

Penn Security, which bought Old Forge Bank, said Friday there had been a breach affecting those with Old Forge Bank debit cards.

The cards were deactivated, which meant people would not be able to access their money over the weekend.

Late Friday Penn Security announced on its website that Old Forge Bank debit card users were again able to use their cards at ATMs and businesses only if they used their PIN number.

Penn Security Bank bought out Old Forge Bank and executives said the security breach only affects those with the Old Forge debit Visa cards.

Penn Security bought out Old Forge Bank two years ago and took the old name off the branches in Duryea, Peckville and in Old Forge, but, customers kept their Old Forge Bank debit cards. Right now, the cards appear to be a liability.

Joe Breymeier’s surprise came when he went online Friday morning. He learned someone used his Old Forge debit card account Wednesday at a Long Beach, California Target store and racked up more than $800 in purchases.

“I do this every week, and I check my checkbook and balance it out, and saw two charges that weren’t mine,” said Breymeier.

The bank told Breymeier he will get the money back in his account.

On its web page, Penn Security Bank issed an alert to Old Forge debit card customers, writing, “…some of our Old Forge debit cards may have been compromised. We are … closing all Old Forge debit cards …. to ensure the safety of your accounts.”

Penn Security executives declined our request for an on camera interview. By phone, one said the bank will do all it can to, “meet its customers’ needs” this holiday weekend,” but he would not say how the bank would do it, or how exactly how it will help those counting on Old Forge Bank debit cards this holiday weekend.