Man Accused of Shoddy Paving Responds

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A man whose mug shot hangs in local convenience stores claims he and his associates have never been in the area.

Friday morning Newswatch 16 received a call from George Snow in Massachusetts claiming he and others whose mug shots are posted in Susquehanna County are not responsible for paving problems there.

Six homeowners in Elk Lake and Rush townships said people from a company called Stanley Paving claimed they had excess tar from a paving job, then offered to black top their driveways for a low price, earlier this month.

The homeowners said pavers performed sloppy work, while raising the price as the job progressed.

After Kathleen Troy felt ripped off, she went online and found an article from a Nashua, New Hampshire newspaper where men from a Stanley Paving Company had been arrested for fraud.

The article also showed their mug shots.

Troy said she recognized the last crew member who finished the job.

“He looked at me and he smiled, and I smiled back, and he got on the big roller and he left. I recognized him instantly. So yeah, these are the guys,” Troy said.

She and her husband wanted to warn their neighbors so they made copies of the mug shots and posted them in convenience stores in Elk Lake and Rush townships.

George Snow said it wasn’t them claiming, in a voice message, he and his associates were never here this month.

Right now, police agencies and the Susquehanna County district attorney’s office are hearing complaints about a scam from a company calling itself Stanley Paving.

They are trying to determine who is really behind it, and if a crime was committed or if homeowners should sue in civil court.

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